Medical Sales manager CV

A medical sales manager is a person whose job is to promote the company’s brand name among the targeted user base which is most generally a group of doctors or hospitals. He is responsible for the generation of effective marketing strategies and managing the processes that fall between productions and selling. A medical sales manager should be qualified enough and his CV should reflect his skills and knowledge information clearly. The following sample of a medical sales manager might help you in case you are looking for example.

Sample medical sales manager CV

Personal information

Daniel Pitt

32 years

12-J, Ted Street

East block, London



  • Pursued graduation from University of Scotland in the year 1998 in Biology.
  • Pursued post graduation from university of Bath in the year 2000 in management and finance.
  • Certificate course done in medical sales managerial skills for a period of 12 months.

Skill and areas of expertise:

  • High level knowledge of medicines and other medical equipments.
  • Advanced managerial skills and command over finance and Mathematics
  • Specialisation in administration and handling workers and clients alike.
  • Expertise in bulk order delivery system.

Aim and objective:

  • To work in such a way that it only brings about profit to the company and satisfies the clients.
  • To be recognised for a good professional outlook when it comes to work.

Work experience:

  • Worked with Hedley medical works for 4 years as the medical sales manager.
  • Worked at Lawson’s for 2 years as a junior sales manager.

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