Retail Sales Assistant CV

The retail sales assistants are the individuals who provide assistance and relating services to the customers in a retail environment/ setting. These individuals must have the ability to ascertain the needs and requirements of each and every customer. Based on these customer specific requirements the individual must assist the customers in finding the products that will be the most suitable for them. A sample of the CV which may be required by those applying for a retail sales advisor position is given here.

Sample Retail Sales Assistant CV

Retail Sales Assistant CV

Jenna O’ Connor

345, 4th Street, Mason Treadwell Square,

North Carolina, USA.

Contact Number: 575454 Alternative: 465932

Email Address:

Career Objective:

I aspire to carve niche in this sector by working as a retail sales assistant. I am really hard working and will give my 100% for every task assigned to me at the position.

Educational Background:

2009- 2012: Bachelors’ of Business Management, Carmon College, North Carolina University

Enrolled under the bachelors’ program for business management and completed it in honours, first class. The major subject of focus being market research, business relations, business ethics, commercial business management etc.

2008: Sacramento High School, North Carolina

Completed high school education from the Sacramento High School with a GPA of 3.9. Had extensive extra- curricular activities participation with many state level competitions.

Professional Experience:

2012- 2013: Internship Program, Martha James Enterprises, New Jersey.

Have been a part of the internship program operated at the Martha James Enterprises located in the New Jersey state. Was a part of the many different projects operated on by the Retail Sales team and learned a lot about the retail sales market/ the retail sales segment.


  • Mr. James Morrison

Senior Executive

Retail Sales Team

Martha James Enterprises, New Jersey

Contact No.: 253475686

  • Ms. Lilly Rodin

Head of the Department

Business Studies Department

Carmon College, North Carolina University

Contact No.: 35647542

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