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Sales CVsneed a lot of thought as they are documents that sell a salesman. Convincing anemployerthat you are the right candidate for thejobis similar to convincing a client to invest in the product you represent.

The pressure of knowing that there are probably hundreds of other applicants for the same position should not be a deterrent. If you are as good a salesman or saleslady as you claim to be, you should be able to show that by yoursales CV.Your CV should convince therecruiterthat should he not consider you, he would be on the loosing end.

Convincing anyone of anything means you must build a strong case and use the appropriate terms. Using sales related action words will create an impression of a focused individual in the minds ofrecruitersandemployerswho come across your CV. These words include Sales man, marketing skills, advertising, customer, client, persuading, sales techniques, methods, negotiate, discount, compensation. Use them relevantly and wisely.

Since sales is a wide area, it would be good to identify a certain area of sales e.g. director of sales, sales manager, sales representative etc.

Sample Sales CV Format

Ambrose Nectar

123 Anyplace, Any State

Telephone No: 8976 24949 28

Mobile No: 978 9587 959


Career Objective:

Experienced sales representative seeking position as Head of Sales Team. This position should allow the application of interpersonal and communication skills gained in the fifteen years of work as a sales representative. Willing to relocate for the benefit of improving the company’s turnover.

Educational Qualification:

1990 – 1992 Diploma in Sales and Marketing from the Young Christian Women’s Association Women’s College in Minnesota


1992 – 1998  Sales Representative at Baby’s and Mum’s Clothing Outlet


§Assisted Customers in selecting clothes and other gift items

§Assisted in packaging and wrapping gifts and other sold items

§Assisted in the publicizing of new stock by printing fliers and distributing them

§Was in charge of product displays in windows and around the shop

1999 – 2003 Chief Sales Representative at Brisk Sports Equipment


§Managed the creation and production of advertisements and other forms of publicity for sporting equipment and clothing

§Organized meetings with clients and managed their accounts and the delivery of their orders

§Outsourced for new clients

§Negotiated for better contracts with existing clients

2003 – 2007 Head of Sales at Brisk Sports Equipment


§Managed entire sales team of the company

§Negotiated current and new deals with clients


·Oversaw an increase of 25% in sales in Brisk Sports Equipment

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