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Sales is one of the most challenging and yet most rapidly growing professions. People from all sorts of backgrounds are delving into the sales and marketing field not just for the lucrative pay but also for the job satisfaction. Before compiling your sales manager CV, find out more information about the organization to which you are applying and the goods or services that the organization is selling. You can then tailor your CV to suit the organizations goals and products.

There are very many CV samples to look at on the Internet for instance to enable you come up with a good CV resume that will attract and maintain the attention of recruiters. Since you are applying for a sales manager job, you should be able to sell yourself using your CV. Convince the recruiter that you are the right one for the job by demonstrating your strengths.

Sample Sales Manager CV

Magdalene Lyn Smith

5143 Denver street Seattle, Washington

Mobile Number: 183 7461 221

Telephone Number: 199 23 7466

Career Objective:

Sales Manager with 3 years experience in the field of sales marketing seeking a position as a sales manager. The organization should provide room for growth and application of management, consulting and promotional skills. Looking forward to work towards building the company’s reputation, revenue and goals.

Educational Background:

Masters Business Administration and Management: New York University- 2002 – 2004

Bachelors in Business Management: University of California Los Angeles- 1994 – 1998

Diploma in Computer Relations: University of California Los Angeles- 1992 – 1994

Professional Experience:

2004 – Present Sales Unit Manager at Alten Dela Cruz Company Limited


  • In-charge of promoting company’s new products
  • Follow up on orders, bills and contracts with clients
  • Reporting annual turn over
  • Production and management of company’s portfolio
  • In charge of a team of 15 sales representatives
  • Inspecting the quality of products before sending them to clients
  • Ensure client satisfaction in terms of products sold

1998- 2002 Sales Representative at Macco Cosmetics Limited


  • Walk from door to door promoting new products
  • Give clients demos on how to use products
  • Answer client questions on the company
  • Deliver purchased products to clients
  • Sell a minimum of 20 products a day


  • First sales manager of Seattle Beauty Products organization to sell products worth $ 800,000 in 4 months.
  • Successfully carried out plans on opening new branches of the company in other states
  • Presented new ways of promoting and advertising the company so as to attract a wider base of clients.
  • Received an award from the sales representative’s organization for best sales woman of the year 2001.
  • Developed and implemented new software that will keep company records safe and easily accessible.

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