Sales promotion manager CV

A sales promotion manager is a person who looks after the managerial work relating to the sales team and promotion of the products created by the company. Sales promotion includes areas like advertising, marketing and public relations. The sales promotion manager must write his CV in such a way that the employer gets a better understanding of his skills, knowledge and qualifications in this field. The following is a sample of a sales promotion manager CV.

Sample sales promotion manager CV

Mark Henley

32 years


45-mid lane, house -2, LA

Educational background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts from San Francisco University, San Francisco. Won several awards for co curricular activities such as public speaking.
  • Master’s degree in business administration (Marketing) from NYU.
  • Diploma course in sales and marketing for a period of 6 months.

Career goal:

Obtain a respectable position as a sales promotion manager and help the company to promote its products or services in an effective manner. To utilise all my knowledge and education in the efficient way.

Professional background and experience details:

  • Worked as the head of the sales promoting department in Julie Fibres for 2 years.
  • Helped in the promotion of the famous mobile connection company ‘Ressar’.
  • Worked as junior block development manager in George enterprises for 2 years.


  • Great convincing ability accompanied with a strong interpersonal relation technique.
  • Command over language and confidence in abilities.
  • Creative mind that can think of innovative methods to promote any product.

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