Clinical Cytogeneticist CV

The job of a clinical cytogeneticist mainly includes performing research and attending scientific conferences which includes display of proper research findings. It also includes writing interesting articles for publication in scientific journals. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in the candidate applying for the post of clinical cytogeneticist.

Sample Clinical Cytogeneticist Cv

Personal Profile:

NAME- Louis Andrews

AGE- 32

ADDRESS- 56A opghaf buildings, Leeward road, Kensiltown IIlanois-67

PHONE NUMBER- 26558974

MOBILE NUMBER- 9988745612


Career Objective:

As a clinical cytogeneticist, my main objective is to carry out various pathological studies and to observe chromosomal activities in various culture slides, to detect or diagnose a particular disease using the latest medical technologies. This would demand working with health professionals such as obstetricians, pediatricians etc.

Educational Background:

2009- PhD in microbial studies, York’s University.

2006- Master of Technology in Biomedical Engineering with specialization artificial organ creation.

2005- Bachelor of Technology in Bio-Medical engineering with specialization in medical diagnosis, Wales University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked as a rat colony keeper in Dr.Smith’s laboratory in year 2003.

2)   Worked as a junior assistant researcher in Pfizer Corporations in year 2005.The work mainly involved close study of certain rare microbes which have the potential to create damage to lives in the future.

3)   Worked as a biomedical intern in ‘The Johnsons’ pharmaceuticals in year 2006.

4)   Worked as a medical research analyst for Dr.Paul in year 2009.




1)   Awarded gold medal in Biomedical engineering in year 2005.

2)   Awarded ‘The most promising young scientist of the future’ in year 2009 for my work in Microbial studies.

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