Forensic Scientist CV

Forensic Scientist is the person responsible for investigating crime by analyzing the collected physical evidences. They are appointed by various crime investigating departments for investigating and researching on any particular crime. Therefore, a candidate applying for the position of forensic scientist should have all the skills highlighted on his CV.


Sample Forensic Scientist CV

Aisha Richards

78 Longman Street


Phone number: 7879009


Career Objective:

With my strong skill in investigation of crime I desire to get associated with a repute forensic Organization. Moreover, I want to get enormous exposure for utilizing crime investigating skills for the betterment of the future social life.

Educational Qualification:

2008: Present: Researching on DNA fingerprinting, American Forensic research center.

2005:2007 Masters in Crime Investigation and Forensic science, University of California

2003-2005   Bachelors of Science in Forensic Science, University of California.

Professional Experience:

2009: Present: Working as assistant Forensic scientist, American Forensic research center.

Career Skills:

  • Efficient in detecting crime from the collected physical evidences.
  • Efficient in performing DNA fingerprinting and speech analyze technique for detecting criminals.
  • Capable of assisting criminal investigation detection team at its best.
  • Efficient in implementing new methodologies which would help in criminal findings.
  • Efficient in preparing reports for the criminal investigation department based on which they look for the criminals and the type of the crime they are involved in.



  • First class degree in Graduation, University of California
  • Received the degree of excellence for my work on detecting criminal gene effect, American forensic research Center.

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