Genetic Technologist CV

The job profile of a genetic technologist essentially consists of performing various researches to detect and explain abnormalities of chromosomes from various samples. These experiments help to understand genetic disorders that are likely to happen in the future. A genetic technologist CV should mirror his intense knowledge on genetic science and related subjects.

Sample Genetic Technologist CV

Personal details:-

Name- Andrea Garrett.

Age- 26

Address- 31, Vivian Park Avenue, New York-15.

Phone Number-733951500

Mobile Number- 8355284758


Career Objectives:-


As a genetic technologist I want to employ my knowledge in molecular biology and genetics to the fullest. I further aspire to implement my practical skills of genetic research for the purpose of aiding in finding breakthrough treatment in genetic disorders and hybridization.

Educational Background.

2009- M.Sc in Genetic Sciences from the University of Michigan

2007- B.Sc in Microbiology from the University of Michigan

Professional Experience:-

2008- Internship in Genomics from the University of Manhattan.

2006- Internship in Molecular Biology from University of Manhattan.


2009- Best Scholar of the year from University of Michigan

2009- Best All Rounder of the year from University of Michigan.


  • As an efficient and dedicated genetic technologist I can help to assist in the production of DNA probes which can be used to diagnose ailments such as malaria, sleeping sickness etc.
  • I can also aid in the development of various kinds of vaccines like recombinant vaccines against human hepatitis B virus and Rabies Virus.
  • Through research I can contribute in production of valuable drugs like human insulin, human interferon, human and bovine growth hormones, etc.

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