Hematologist CV

Haematologist is a specialized physician who expertises in the field of blood disease. His chief job is to identify, treat and cure ailments related to the blood system. Therefore the haematologist’s CV should highlight his educational qualifications, specialization and professional experiences in the field of medical sciences.

Sample for Haematologist CV

Personal Details:-

Name- Lily Caxton

Age- 35

Address-12, Felix Rendall Avenue, Central Colony, Manhattan-55.

Phone Number- 5527485867

Mobile Number- 7364859629

Email id- drcaxton@yahoo.com


Career Objectives:-

As an established haematologist, I want to impartially reach out to the people of my nation who have been suffering from various blood ailments but cannot access advanced means of treatments due to their poor economic condition. Therefore I aspire to serve in the best way possible to those who are needy yet cannot avail expensive treatments that can cure them of their diseases.

Educational Background:-


1997- MBBS from University of Medical Sciences, Manhattan

1998- Specialization in Hematology

Professional Experience:-

1999- Regent State Hospital Manhattan.

2005- Red Cross Medical Workshops held in various parts of Ontario and Toronto.



  • I can contribute in the vast research that is going on to find advanced cure for blood disorders like idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and haemophilia.
  • Like all haematologists, I intend to work towards finding a successful cure against the malignancies like leukaemia and lymphoma.
  • After specializing in stem cell transplantation and the science of transfusion of blood, I aim to treat complicacies in blood and bone marrow that have been untreated till now due to their unknown causes.



2003- Award for the Breakthrough research in California Doctor’s Association.

2006- Initiative for the needy Award by Red Cross in Ontario.

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