Immunologist CV

Immunologist is the person who is responsible for investigating about the function of body’s immune system and applies his knowledge towards controlling range of disorders and diseases. They are the one who develop new therapies for treating various diseases. Therefore, a candidate applying for the position of immunologist must highlight his knowledge on his CV.

Sample Immunologist CV

Daniel Richards

78-Hosuton bay


Phone number: 7870989

Email Id:

Career Objective:


I have a strong desire to be a part of such a medical organization where I can best implement my skills, knowledge and experience of over 5years as an immunologist.

Educational Qualification:

2003-2005: Masters in Immunology, Washington institute of medical science.

1999-2003: MBBS, Washington institute of medical science.

Professional Experience:

2003-2005: Worked as an Intern at Washington institute of medical science.

Career Skills:

  • Efficient in implementing any new methodologies for diagnosing the proper function of patient’s immune system.
  • Efficient in detecting any genetic disorders by the thorough study of patient’s immune system.
  • Capable of making reports based on the research done by senior physicians or immunologist.
  • Keen in developing new methods and strategies for better treatment of immune system disorders or diseases.
  • Excellent advisor, have strong presence of mind and can work handle situations under any circumstances.


  • Gold medalist in MBBS from the batch of 2003, Washington institute of medical science.
  • Received the best intern award from Washington institute of medical science.
  • Received the honorary guest invitation from Science and welfare society for the Health awareness program on 2007.

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