Perfusionist CV

A perfusionist is a clinical specialized person responsible for operating the heart lung machine during the cardiac and other surgeries. They always had to take a major role in surgery team. Therefore, this job position looks for highly skilled and knowledge candidates.

Sample Perfusionist CV

Richa Lewis

7/B homely street


Phone number: 989800

Email Id:

Career Objective:

I want to utilize my specialized skills and knowledge as a perfusionist by getting associated with a repute medical institute. Moreover, I want to implement my clinical skills for the betterment of the people in future.

Educational Qualification:

2005-2007: Masters in clinical perfusion and anesthesia, St Mary’s medical hospital and research center.

2000-2005: MBBS, St Mary’s Medical Hospital and Research Center.

Professional experience:

  • 2007: Assisting the cardiovascular surgery team as assistant perfusionist, St Mary’s Medical hospital and research center.
  • 2005-2007 Researching on clinical anesthesia and perfusion system, St. Mary’s medical hospital and research center.
  • 2005: Worked as Intern, St Mary’s Medical hospital and research center


  • Efficient in handling the patient during implantation of anesthesia or perfusion.
  • Efficient in implementing perfusion system for the cardiovascular disorder patients.
  • Excellent in team work and always contributed essential advice for the surgery team.
  • Handled tremendous surgery situations with ease and always shown presence of mind while assisting senior physician.


  • First class degree in MBBS from the class of 2005, St. Mary’s Medical Hospital and Research Center.
  • Received the degree of excellence for my performance in handling perfusion system application on world’s youngest patient suffering with cardiovascular disorder.

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