Airport Security CV

An airport security officer is responsible for overall security at the airport. He has to take care for safe checkout, to provide security at loading area and for inspection of hand detector or associated safety devices. Airport security officer is hired by International and domestic airport in every country and state. This resume is also valid for applying as airport security manager, airport security consultant and airport security coordinator.

Sample Security CV

Alexander Kornikov

House No: 34/ B-6,

Leno Street- 64


Mobile No: +36 78 87968594

Career Objective: Responsible airport security officer seeking effective working environment and department support to present my outstanding services. Excellent time management skills and alert attitude are biggest strengths of my candidature.

Professional Experience:

  • 2002- 2006: Airport of Budapest, Hungry

I joined here as assistant Airport Security Officer and promoted to an officer’s designation.

  • 2006- September 1st 2010: Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Russia.

I worked as Airport Security Officer at above mentioned airport.

Educational Qualification:

  • I am a Graduate in Information Technology from State Moscow University, Russia in 1996- 1999
  • I am Post Graduate in Science from Academy of National Economy, Russia in 1999-2001.
  • I received Certification in first aid security from Moscow State Aviation in 2001- 2002.


  • I have passed my course in first aid with honours.
  • A gold medallist in National Airport Security debate competition.


  • I am fond of reading adventurous books.
  • I like to surf internet and learn about security measures with latest information.


References are available on request.

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