Gaming & Casino Surveillance Officer CV

Gaming and Casino Surveillance Officers provide supervision in the installation and operation of high technology surveillance systems in high risk high casino premises.  They harness CCTV and electronic eavesdropping technologies to monitor activities on the casino floors. These devices are often installed in strategic places such as gaming tables, ceilings, behind planters and wall decors that remain unnoticed by casino guests.  Surveillance officers also make the rounds as plain clothes security officers to mingle with gamers.


Gaming/Casino Surveillance Officer CV Format

Barry W. Connelly

W. Randolph St., Chicago, Illinois

Phone: (312) 688-4552

Career Objective

To work as an Gaming/Casino Surveillance Officer for a hotel or resort with an extensive legal gambling operations in the city

Professional Experience


2002 – Present: Casino Surveillance Officer, Holiday Plaza Hotel, Chicago


  • Implement and enforce hotel casino safety and security systems and procedures in accordance with local laws and statutes
  • Monitor casino floor operations using CCTV and high techno logy eavesdropping devices for potential gambling cheats and gaming rule infractions Monitor entrance and exit points with random and regular checks at CCTV systems.
  • Conduct occasional mingling with casino patrons to play with clients suspected from CCTV camera to have high cheating incidences.
  • Coordinate with local law enforcers on securing detained theft suspects for filing of legal cases.
  • Subdue guests with disruptive behaviour and detain alleged thieves until police officers arrive.

Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent medical and physical health with quick reflexes and an observant skill in detecting suspicious behavior
  • Excellent learning abilities and computer literacy in administering and operating surveillance systems.
  • Excellent communication, social and interpersonal skills


Cited by management as Employee of the Year 2005 for high performance ranking



1998 – 2002: Associate in Computer Technology, ITT technical Institute, Wisconsin

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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