Network Security CV

A network security officer is hired as in charge for taking care of important network documentation inclusive of network secret passwords, important data files in order to prevent an organization network from harmful viruses, software intruders and dangerous coding programs and do away with various security breaches. This resume can also be used while applying for the job of network security manger, network security coordinator and network security consultant.

Sample Network Security CV

Eva Beloi

Maria Towers

St: – 34/b, 108970


Mobile No: (370) 5840395

Career Objective: with dedicated attitude and useful knowledge of network security applications, I aim at stimulating the progress chart of this organization from networking point of view.

Professional Experience:

  • 2002- 2006:  Honeywell Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Russia

I joined & served here as assistant network officer.

  • 2006- September, 2010: Greenway Networking Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Russia

With this networking company, I served as Network Manager for four years.

Education Qualification:

  • I am a Graduate in Information Technology from State University of Russia, 1995- 1998.
  • I am a Post Graduate in Information Technology from International University of Technology, Russia, 1998- 2000.
  • I have special certification in Network Securities & Designs from Jewis University of Technical Education in 2000-2002.


  • I have won many remarkable prizes in international debate on network securities.
  • I am a topper in my special certification of network security.


  • I am fond of internet surfing and like to invest time in reading of e- books on network securities.
  • I am good at table tennis.


References can be provided upon request.

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