Personal Security CV

A personal security guard has the responsibility of protecting individuals and homes, has to have knowledge in dealing with firearms, and hence a training as a security officer is imminent.  These qualities should be detailed in a CV for a personal security guard or officer.  These resume can also be used by personal bodyguards, security guard, etc.

Sample Personal Security CV

Oliver Harrington

24 North Castle Road

Stockport CHS SK6 8EL

Mobile Number: 44 885 869456

Telephone Number:  23456


Profile and Objectives:

Sponsored by an earlier employer, I have completed the SIA Close Protection Course and have gained a close protection license.  I have an all-England handgun license and have experience in using pistols during my career.  I have a driver’s license and have experience in driving various kinds of motor vehicles during my career.  I wish to be a dedicated security agent for homes or individuals who really require these services, to protect them and help them rest peacefully.

Educational Qualifications:

SIA Close Protection Course completed in 2003.

High School Diploma, Cheshire Charitable Boys’ High School, 1998.

Professional Experience:

2005-2010:  Security Guard for the Chesire Cricket Team, driving their vehicle, patrolling, accompanying them in sports tours and ascertaining their safety.

2003-2005:  Security Guard for Ms. Rose Gardner at Bertland Avenue, Stockport, providing security for her huge mansion and sprawling grounds, doing patrolling at night, performing access control when required, monitoring the security using modern gadgets, and being alert towards untoward happenings.


Several awards in Athletics and Swimming in school days.


Swimming and music.


Available on request.

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