Security Guard CV

A security guard has the duty of protecting people, assets, or property.  Alertness is important to detect and take action on inappropriate or illegal actions in time, as is their license.  These are the main points that should occupy a CV for a security guard.  These resume can also be used by personal security, railway security, security officer, etc.

Sample Security Guard CV

Harold Thomas

16 Arlington Avenue

Gloucester GL1 1SL

Mobile Number: 44 832 867231

Telephone Number:  258654

Profile and Objectives:

I am a sincere, dedicated, and honest security guard capable of providing protection for buildings, equipments, assets, or important persons from undesirable events or crime.  In my career I have had the opportunity of preventing fire outbreaks a couple of times.  I have managed complex security systems.  There had been a time in my tenure as a security guard when I was able to stop sabotage in an organization by some of the employees themselves.

Educational Qualifications:

Valid Security Industry Authority License.

High School Diploma, Community High School, Gloucester in 1989.

Professional Experience:

2000-2010:  Security Guard for ABC International Bank in Scotland, have worked with the latest gadgets dealing in security, watched for and reported a possibility for a fire outbreak.

1995-2000:  Security Guard for Ms. Arlington, a prominent person in the film world, drove Ms. Arlington’s private vehicle to ensure her security, patrolled the vast grounds several times to prevent untoward happenings.

1993-1995:  Security Guard for the Richie Richardson Gold Jewellery Showroom.


Several awards in the field of athletics and football in school days.


Football and listening music.


Available on request.

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