Security Officer CV

A security officer has the responsibility of timely detection of unusual events, prevention, observation, and reporting.  He may have to ride vehicles or deal with weapons.  So a training in security is desirable.  These qualities and experiences can be detailed in a security officer’s CV.  These resume can also be used by personal security, railway security, security guard, etc.

Sample Security Officer CV

James Howard

63 Somerset Street

Carlisle CUM CA3 8UR

Mobile Number: 44 851 896222


Profile and Objectives:

Retired from the Armed Forces in 1998, I have ever since been a security officer.  As a trained security officer, I have exhibited my ability in dealing with the latest gadgets in security, good oral and written communication skills, alertness, ability to gather data and produce reports, ability to understand and follow safety specifications, ability to drive various kinds of motor vehicles, and even training in firearms.  I am looking forward to challenging assignments to provide security and prevent mishaps.

Educational Qualifications:

Valid Security Industry Authority License after completing the relevant training.

High School Diploma, Great Carlisle High School, Cumbria in 1989.

Professional Experience:

2003-2010:  Security Guard for the Storage Agency of Cumbria, having proven my ability in detecting and preventing thefts in a timely manner quite a few times, had patrolled the streets adjoining the Agency during night, had prepared reports.

1999-2003:  Security Guard for Rock The Town, an Entertainment club, where my main duty was access control at the entrance, but had patrolling duties, as well as duty to drive VIPs from the airport.


Several gallantry awards while in the Army.


Playing Rugby and watching movies.


Available on request.

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