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Security is a vital factor of our lives as well of professional career and even products and services of a company or business firm. Hence there is always a need for such officials who would efficiently safeguard security of any required form at any level. Thereby becomes pronounced the need for a security CV which outlines the theoretical and, more importantly, practical knowledge and skills of a candidate applying for such posts.

A number of people fall under this category of professionals who need to submit security CV, staring from a security guard and personal security agents  to officials in the corporate sector, hotels, hospitals, detective agencies and even those who claim to secure internet hacking and such issues. All such applicants need to possess a basic sense of safety and protection so as to provide efficient service to all. A few things to be noted while preparing a security CV are:

  • The security CV should firstly state identification details of the candidate. The individual should not have been charged of some criminal or illegal offence himself; else he will not even be eligible for assuring security services.
  • Minimum academic qualifications are a must, with additional in-depth knowledge in the concerned field of work.
  • The CV should contain details of the human values possessed and practiced by the applicant and also his/ her physical fitness and proper mental faculties.

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