Assistant Social Worker CV

An assistant social worker has to aide the active social worker in providing service to clients to improve their quality of life.  Patience, a good communication skill and knowledge of different languages is an asset for this position and it can be detailed in the CV.  The CV should dwell on the professional accomplishments rather than the education in this case.  These resume can also be used by community support worker, mental health aide, community outreach worker, youth worker or gerontology aide.

Sample Assistant Social Worker CV

Emily Harrington

#3 Hamilton Avenue

Reading BERKS RG2 9XD

Mobile Number: 44 811 83323

Telephone Number:  266265


Profile :

With my experience in the social service arena spanning more than 10 years and strong desire to help others, I look forward to bring about a change in more and more lives, to reach out more.

Career Focus:

In my career I have dealt with assessing whether a person is eligible for certain benefits like foodstamps, insurance, etc., and helping them in obtaining these benefits, keeping case records on clients and reporting to the supervisors, organizing group activities for improvement of cleanliness and literacy in rural areas, providing emotional support to the disadvantaged, depressed and abused.

Work Experience:

2000-2010:  Assistant Social Worker in The New Hope Group Home at Reading, dealing with destitute elderly people, among whom have been cases of depression, abuse victims, substance abusers.  Often had to look after their counseling needs independently.

1994-2000:  Assistant Social Worker in the Capetown Hospital, assisting a good many patients in obtaining medical benefits.


Provided counseling and rehabilitative assistance to a teenager, Jack Robbins, who is now a well-established lawyer, advocating the rights of the disadvantaged.

Awarded as the Best Paramedical Staff in Capetown Hospital in 1997.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2005:  Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Reading College.


Available on request.

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