Child Development Specialist CV

A Child Development Specialist is a person who supervises and initiates the development of a child by creating the suitable environment, studying the development of a child and then communicating with his parents about the observation. Besides evaluating and analysing the development of the child, a child development specialist has to create different programmes for the development of different children. Therefore a child development specialist CV must outline the essential qualities of a candidate.

Sample Child Development Specialist CV


Personal details of candidate:-


Name- Welma Osbourne

Address- 18, Montgomery House.

Lake Vivian Avenue.

153756, San Francisco.

Phone number- 245(375684)

Email id-

Career Objectives:-

A child development specialist aiming to ensure a positive , healthy and assuring development for every child so as to ensure a healthier future of the country.

Educational Background:-

2004- Masters in Child Psychology, from University of San Francisco.

Special Workshop on Counselling.

1999-2002- Bachelors in Psychology, from Maryland College, San Francisco.

Professional Experience:-


2006- Assistant Child Development Specialist in Rio Healthcare, San Francisco.


  • Creating new and advanced programmes that will help each and every child to develop in their own special way.
  • Keeping track of every child’s past and every phase of development to communicate a thorough observation and suggestion to his parents.
  • Also keeping a track of the new programmes and observations in the field of study so as not to face a backlog.
  • Taking up an unbiased approach towards learning and development of children and dealing with each child in a special manner so as to cater to their problems specifically.

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