Clinical Social Worker CV

A clinical social worker has to have a training in psychotherapy to provide support and service to patients in mental health facilities.  Patience and a love for clients who suffer from various mental disorders and trauma should be the highlight of a CV for a clinical social worker.  These resume can also be used by medical social workers, case workers, social service workers, school social workers and such others.

Sample Clinical Social Worker CV

Patricia Turner

15 West Hortland Corner

Stockport CHS SK6 8EL

Mobile Number: 44 833 896523

Telephone Number:  265538


Profile :

Having been a witness to the trauma associated with drug abuse to families, I have a deep concern for improving the life of people who have undergone various forms of mental and physical trauma.  My experience and knowledge gained from this experience enables me to help my clients in effective clinical intervention.

Career Objectives:

My familiarity with a wide database of service agencies and persons in the medical field help me in rehabilitating and providing medical and home care services, and referrals for my clients.  Working with clients with various needs like depression, PTSD, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, substance abuse, I am knee deep in the career and have developed a love and concern for my clients.  Looking forward to reaching over to the betterment of more and more lives.

Educational Qualifications:

1996-2000:  Doctorate in Psychology in Social Work, University of Birmingham.

1994-1996:  Master of social work, Chesire School of Social Work.

1991-1994:  Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, London School of Social Work.

Work Experience:

2006-2010:  Clinical Social Worker in The New Leaf Rehabilitation Center, dealing with substance abuse patients and patients with a criminal background.

2003-2006:  Clinical Social Worker in Cheshire Home for the Mentally Unstable.

2000-2003:  Clinical Social Worker in the Children’s Unit of Cheshire Psychiatric Clinic.

A licenced clinical social worker and member of National Association for Social Workers.


Award for Clinical Social Worker of the year in the New Leaf Rehabilitation Center.

Various awards won as a girlguide at school level.


Available on request.

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