Family Counselor CV

A family counselor is an important person to whom the personal, emotional and mental problems of family members can be entrusted without the fear of leakage or scorn. A family counselor not only knows about each member’s issues, he or she can deal with them effectively and sensitively. Thus a family counselor CV must outline his or her capacity in these areas.

Sample Family Counselor CV

Martha Johnson

Clark Street



Telephone number: 48757467 [R] and 23875679 [O]

Mobile number: 87486758757

Email address:

Career Objectives:

I want to be employed as a family counselor as it is a very rewarding and challenging job. I understand the challenges of the job and I am trained and experienced in the finer nuances of such a profession and can make a lasting contribution to the field and my patients’ lives.

Educational Background:

2003: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh.

2005: Obtained a Master’s degree in clinical Psychology from the same institution.

2006: Obtained a Licensed Professional Counselor certification.

Professional Background:

  • I am excellent at communicating with moody depressive people and can inspire in them the confidence they need to start exploring their problems.
  • I am patient and dedicated to my craft and I am genuine desirous of helping my patients overcome their problems in any way I can.

Professional Experience:

2007-2010: Worked as a school counselor in Green Park High School.

2010-Present: Working as a professional counselor at Greenwich Institution of Mental Wellbeing. I specialize in treating mood disorders like anxiety disorders, depression, mood fluctuations and bipolar disorders.

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