Medical Social Worker CV

A medical social worker deals with patients and their families, providing psychosocial support in coordination with professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.  The CV of a medical social worker should highlight his experience working in a hospital, his ability to cooperate with other staff members of the hospital and his qualifications.  These resume can also be used by clinical social workers, case workers and such others.

Sample Medical Social Worker CV

Henry Thomas

4 North Wellington Street

Aylesbury, HP20 1UA

Mobile Number: 44 833 84423

Telephone Number:  255236


Profile and Career Focus:

During my career as a medical social worker I have encountered a tight work schedule with a large number of cases and deadlines to be met.  Arranging home care services for a large number of clients at a given time has been a challenge quite often.  I have learned to cope with the emotional draining that comes with dealing with depressing situations of the patients, like homelessness, unemployment, chronic medical illnesses, psychiatric issues, and even previous criminal records and substance abuse, and have developed a love and concern for my clients.  Hope to reach out more with my services.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2003:  Diploma in Hospital Management.

2001-2002:  Diploma in Psychology.

1998-2001:  Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, London School of Social Work.

Work Experience:

2005-2010:  Medical Social Worker in The Veterans’ Administration Hospital at Aylesbury.

2003-2005:  Medical Social Worker for patients suffering from AIDS and their healthy children, helping them in overcoming the stigma associated, providing help in rehabilitation.

Member of British Association of Social Workers.


Award for Best Productive Service at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in 2008.

Running a loving home for healthy children of AIDS patients.


Available on request.

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