Mental Health Social Worker CV

A mental health social worker is a person who does social work by interacting with mentally challenged people, people who are trying to recover from a trauma or help them to cope with life and distress. A Mental Health Social Worker CV should highlight the communication skills, educational qualifications, past experience since experience is important in this job and affability of the person.

Sample Mental Health Social Worker CV.


Personal Details of candidate:-


Name- Josephine Bridges.

Address- 83 Madeline Street,

Greg Avenue,

New York-118495

Phone number: – 374(162-478)

Email id-

Career Objectives:-


A mental health social worker trying to reach out to all those who are attempting hard to cope with life, individually and socially in a way that we can ensure these people are healthy and successful some day . Thus trying to ensure a better and healthier future for our fellow citizens.

Educational Background:-


2005- Masters in Social Working and Social Studies, University of New York.

2003- Bachelors in Sociology and Counselling. University of New York.

Professional Experience:-


2006-present- Central Institute of HealthCare, New York.


  • To reach out and try to help all those who have been trapped in a mental insanity and needs help to grow out of their distress.
  • To co-ordinate with all fellow social workers in order to make each day brighter for these people.
  • To accumulate sufficient funds and plan newer programmes and monitor them regularly to ensure a positive development.
  • To help them communicate socially with all sorts of people and help them to be like any other person with normal dreams and aspirations.

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