Public Housing Adviser CV

A public housing adviser is a person, who guides and advises his or her clients on decisions regarding estate, housing, property and other relates issues. They advise and suggest their clients, the proper places to look for while purchasing property or houses. The public housing advisor CV should include his qualification and past job accomplishments.

Sample Public Housing Adviser CV

Ronald Lewis

60, Locust Street

Albany, AB 32982

Mobile Number: 55 429 45072

Telephone Number: 55 7688 34852


Career Objective:

Looking for the job of a public housing adviser to utilize my knowledge and skills, and extend a helping hand to my clients, enabling them to purchase the best residential estate, house and property. I shall strive to work for the welfare of my community with the best of my abilities.

Educational Qualification:

1995-1998: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of Yale.

1998: Post graduation in Human Resource Management, University of Yale.

1999: Certified training in public housing consultancy.

Work Experiences:

  • 2000-2004: ADA public housing consultancy


I.    Conducted client interviews at office.

II.    Client’s problems diagnosis and offering solutions.

III.    Referred clients to solicitors and supporting solicitors.

IV.    Mediated and negotiated troubles between clients and property owners.

  • 2005-present: RADAR public housing consultancy


I.    Referred clients to other agents as solicitors, and other social workers.

II.    Client’s problem diagnosis and solution offering.

III.    Legal advice to clients in matters of estate and property.

IV.    Prepared and implemented strategic and operational plans.

V.    Communicated to estate owners on behalf of clients.

Hobbies: debating, photography and traveling.

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