Qualified Social Worker CV

A qualified social worker should be a mature and wise person who is dedicated to his/her job and has a genuine concern for the well-being of people.  A degree in social work is required to be a qualified social worker and a master’s degree is desirable.  Hence the educational qualifications should be highlighted in these CVs.  These resume can also be used by medical social workers, clinical social workers, senior social workers, counsellors, etc.

Sample Qualified Social Worker CV

Howard Patterson

25 Merriland Avenue

Bedford MK46 9AP

Mobile Number: 44 814 867231

Telephone Number:  276365

Email: howpat@gmail.com

Profile : Objectives:

I have been a dedicated social worker for more than 7 years now and have worked with people with various problems like substance abuse, depression, victims of abuse, and such.  I have a deep concern for the mental well-being of my clients and on taking up a client am fully involved on the job.  The satisfaction I gain from making a little bit of improvement in these unfortunate lives is better than any remuneration I get.  In the course of my career I have organized illiteracy eradication drives, helped in rehabilitating quite a few persons with substance abuse problem, mentally ill patients, and patients with PTSD.  I have dealt successfully with children of broken families and have helped unite quite a number of broken families with my counselling.

Educational Qualifications:

2001-2003:  Master’s Degree in Social Work, University of North London.

1998-2001:  Bachelor’s Degree in Psychosociology, Bedford University.

Professional Experience:

2007-2010:  Social Worker for Alcoholics Anonymous, where I was the team leader of a team of 5 dedicated social workers, brought about a difference in the lives of many an alcoholic.

2005-2007:  Social Worker for the New Generation Substance Abuse Program, dealing with a lot of young people addicted to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

2003-2005:  Social Worker at a Family Counseling Center in South Bedford.


Licensed Social Worker.

Best Staff Member of the Year award at the Alcoholics Anonymous in 2008 and 2009.


Available on request.

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