School Social Worker CV

A school social worker deals mainly with counseling of students in a school to prevent truancy and optimize a student’s performance.  To pursue a career in school social work, one must have a love for children and a concern for the future generation.  These qualities can be mentioned in the CV, giving importance to qualifications in Social Work or Psychology.  These resume can also be used by child psychologists, social workers, and counsellors.

Sample School Social Worker CV

Hellen Prime

36 East Coast Road

London SW16 4QO

Mobile Number: 44 844 82323

Telephone Number:  256265



The career of a school social worker is the path I have chosen with my sincere love and concern for children and their well-being


In my longstanding tenure as a social worker, I have come across children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or drug abuse, depressed children and children with ADHD, dyslexia, and even runaway teenagers who are oppositional and defiant.  I have put forward my very best in bringing a difference to each one of them and looking forward to more opportunities to bring the sunshine back to a wider range of students.

Educational Qualifications:

1999-2001:  Honours Certificate in Child Psychology, The London School of Social Sciences.

1997-1999:  Master’s Degree in Social Work, University of Kent.

1995-1998:  Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, UEL School of Psychology.

Professional Experience:

2006-2010:  Social worker for Central Foundation Girls’ School.

2004-2006:  Social worker for the Banyan Home for the Unwanted, dealing with orphans with various kinds of problems.

2002-2004:  As a home maker, bringing up my own kids, facing the challenges of parenting.

2001-2002:  Psychologist and Social Worker at Child Trust Hospital, London.


Child Psychologist of the Year Award, 2005.

Best Homemaker of London Award, 2002.


Available on request.

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