Social Service Casework Supervisor CV

A social service casework supervisor supervises the analysis, collection of reports and dissemination of data with regards to social service casework done in various areas and groups of people. They also identify the problems and arrange for financial reports while looking after the paper work involved in all this. Therefore, social service casework supervisor CV should highlight the leadership qualities of the candidate proficiently and succinctly.

Sample Social Service Casework Supervisor CV


Personal Details of candidate:-

Name- Fiona Harper Stenton

Address- 92, East Cullingham Street,

Mistletoe Boulevard.


Phone number- 4278849


Career Objective:-


Being a social service casework supervisor looking for challenges to prove my abilities as an efficient and able casework supervisor in the field of social service. Besides I aim to contribute in accomplishing the objectives of the organisation through my sincere social services that will reach out to people from all sections of the society.

Educational Background:-


2004- Masters in Social Studies (with a special course in Women Studies), University of Aberdeen.

1999-2002- Bachelors in Sociology. King’s College , London.

Professional experience:-


2007- Social Service Worker at CRY.

2005- Assistant Social Service worker at BELONG.


  • Trying to reach out to people from different sections of the society without bias or prejudice.
  • Supervising the casework thoroughly to ensure no mistakes and inaccuracies are detected leading to false reports and wrong deductions.
  • Working in a co-ordinated manner with my colleagues and subordinates to achieve the objectives of the organisation to help as many people as possible.

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