Social Service Worker CV

A social service worker is required to bring a change in society for the better, improving the quality of life and potential of people.  For social service a person has to be committed to work in rural areas and not so comfortable surroundings.  The CV of a social worker can deal with his communication skills, ability to empathize with others, along with his qualifications and experience on the subject.  These resume can also be used by school social workers, social workers, counsellors, etc.

Sample Social Service Worker CV

Patricia Cohen

78 Sharon Peters Road

Bedford  MK42 9AP

Mobile Number: 44 824 87323

Telephone Number:  285265



Brought up in a religious family, both parents deep into social service, there has not been another career I have even thought of.  The satisfaction gained from social service has been a divine experience in my life’s journey.

Main Objectives:

  • Helping to reunite broken families by counseling.
  • Working to improve hygiene and awareness among the poor.
  • Putting the smiles back on the faces of abused children.
  • Promoting awareness of healthy, hygienic practices and lifestyle in the illiterate.
  • Working towards decreasing illiteracy.
  • Initiate services for the support of victims of any kind of abuse.

Educational Qualifications:

2005-2007:  Master’s Degree in Social Work, University of Birmingham.

2002-2005:  Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Psychology, Bedford College for Social Sciences.

Work Experience:

2008-2010:  Social Service Worker in Center for Rehabilitation of Abuse Victims, assessing and directing towards the treatment of victims, studying the behavior pattern and improving them with counseling, and initiating services and shelter for such victims.

2007-2008:  Social Service Worker for the Rural Hygiene Awareness Club in Bedford, engaged in spreading knowledge and benefits of hygiene among the streets of the rural poor.


Licensed Social Service Worker.

Award for being responsible rehabilitating the most number of youth addicted to drugs in 2009.


Available on request.

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