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Social worker CVs will help you to get that social work job that you are applying for. There are certain aspects that must appear in this CV that will help you to stand out and improve your chances of securing that job. Your CV must give details of social work caseload that you can handle.

You must demonstrate that you are able to building relationships of trust and provide practical help to individuals that need it. If you are able to produce detailed casework reports , make it a point to mention it. Social work involves writing a lot of reports and therefore this is a skill that employers regard highly in their workers. If you have worked on major projects that have been completed successfully then mention it in your CV


June Sokoloff Pickett

5468 Michigan Drive Apt 45F

Michigan, USA.


Tel: +151877854665

Personal information

Age:  37

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Languages: English and German

Marital Status: Married with 4 children

Career goal

I seek to help those that are less fortunate in the society and be their voice by providing them with the opportunity to live in a safe and conducive environment.

Professional synopsis

Being a social worker is something that is close to my heart. My over 12years experience working as a social worker has  given me the experience that would be necessary to handle to job that you have advertised.

Educational Qualifications

Masters in Sociology from the University of Michigan (June 2000)

Community development diploma from the Daystar community college (December 1998)

Bachelors degree in Sociology and Communication from Wichita State University (November 1995)

Professional Qualification

  • Diploma in Community Development
  • Recognized by the Social worker’s guild for commitment to the rights of children

Work Experience

2003 to date Department of children and Families of Michigan

Position held: Senior Social Worker


  • place children in foster homes on a temporary or permanent basis
  • arrange adoption of children
  • Follow up on homes and families where children have been placed and ensure that they are getting along well.
  • identify children and families that are in high risk situations

1999-2003 Michigan Community Centers

Position held: Counselor

Responsibilities: – Identify problem children and families

-offer advice and counseling for individuals that need it

Activities and Interests

  • Reading books, traveling and volunteering in the community
  • Spending time with my family
  • Counseling troubled teens

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