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A social worker CV generally contains details of an individual who has an interest in working for the society and helping people. Social work is a very healthy concept in this age of jealousy and hatred and such a worker’s CV should contain particulars to suggest his/ her genuine interest in this type of a voluntary service, which mostly is non-profitable rather honorary.

Social worker CV needs to contain details such as required in most other general CVs, but is exceptional in the section wherein it requires stating particulars and also providing documents of a person’s proficiency in this kind of a sensitive job. A social worker is now-a-days not only employed in NGOs and charitable organizations but are also an effective part of many institutions and most companies which are concerned about their public image and corresponding profits. There are a few notable points t be considered while framing a social worker CV, such as:

  • The complete profile of the applicant is to be provided. His/ her mental state should support the job and there should not be any issues regarding that. The person should have had an undisturbed and proper upbringing so that values have been well instilled in him/ her.
  • The CV needs to explore all possibilities of the applicant performing the job perfectly well, and have required qualities such as being considerate, sympathetic yet practical.
  • Academic knowledge and practice of social work is necessary as well.

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