Trainee Social Worker CV

A trainee worker should have good communication skills, be broadminded, have a genuine concern for people, and be able to work in a team.  These qualities can be outlined as one prepares a CV for a Trainee Social Worker.  Since trainees are mostly fresh out of college, any form of relevant experience in the form of part-time voluntary work can be mentioned.  These resume templates can be used even by assistant social worker, receptionists in social work agencies, trainee psychologist etc.

Sample Trainee Social Worker CV

Deborah Myers

42 Botswain Avenue

London SW16 4QO

Mobile Number: 44 869 854323

Telephone Number:  256265



Social service has been my passion since my school days and my chosen field of education in college.  Having had close encounters with various disadvantaged people, hope to bring about differences in a lot of lives.


  • Good communication skills.  I can converse as well in French, German, and Spanish as I can in English.
  • Ability to listen patiently and assess my subjects.
  • Love to work in a team.
  • Open to new ideas.
  • Love for children.

Educational Qualifications:

2008-2010:  GSCC accredited DipSW from University of North London.

2005-2008:  Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, University of East London.

Professional Experience:

2008-2010 (Summer Holidays):  Volunteered for a social service organization, Special Needs in North London, which looks after the disadvantaged section of society.

2005-2008:  Various social work projects as a girl guide with active participation, baby-sitting and caring for two differently-abled (autistic) children during summer holidays.


Queen’s Guide Award in 2006.

A member of the team which won the best developmental toy model at the University of North London in 2009.


Available on request.

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