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A sports agent is responsible for promoting the career of an athlete or sports person.  They have to communicate with team managers, team owners, coaches, captains, and others connected to the field to negotiate contracts for their clients.  Thus a sports agent’s CV should reflect his communication skills and a fair knowledge in sports and contractual law.  These resume can also be used by sports agents, coordinators, and to some extent even coaches.

Sample Sports Agent CV

Jason Segal

82 Garden Lane

Gloucestershire GL14 1QZ

Mobile Number: 44 815 88598

Telephone Number:  265323



A passion for promoting athletes and sports persons began in my schooldays, when I saw various friends of mine highly talented in sports not getting the right opportunity.  My dream is to bring out hidden talents in any kind of sports and be the cornerstone in the rise of a star.


My communication skills, sense of humour, and quick wit, clubbed with qualifications and experience in contractual law are my assets to my profession.  As a licensed sports agent, I am looking forward to using these qualities to help more and more youth in the sports field realize their dreams.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2004:  Diploma in Contractual Law, The Law University of Gloucestershire.

2000-2002:  Masters in Business Administration and Sports Management,The London School of Business.

1997-2000:  Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science.

Professional Experience:

2008-2010:  Sports agent for BEST Football, representing various prominent footballers.

2006-2008:  Sports agent for Octagon Worldwide.

2004-2006:  Independent sports agent, responsible in the rising of quite a few prominent athletes, cricketers, and footballers.


Partners in Excellence in Sports Award in 2009.

Sports Agent of the Year Award in 2008.


Available on request.


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