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In the sports broadcasting field a commentator covers a sports event on television, radio, or other media and reports on the events as they happen.  A presence of mind and sense of humour are added qualities for a commentator and such qualities can be highlighted in the CV in addition to the qualifications and experience.  A retired sports person will be a good broadcaster and hence conquests in sports can be mentioned.  These resume can also be used by sports commentators, sports journalists, sports broadcasters, and the likes.

Sample Sports Broadcasting CV

Terence Botham

25 Orchard Avenue

Yeovilton SOM BA22 8HB

Mobile Number: 44 833 87698

Telephone Number:  265442


Career Focus:

My love affair with sports has taken me far in the field of both cricket and football.  Retired from active sports, I still dream of sports and have been pursuing a career as a commentator.  Looking forward to cover interesting well-played games in cricket and football with commentaries, grabbing the attention of spectators.

Educational Qualifications:

1995-1997:  Diploma in Sports Journalism, University of Somerset.

Professional Experience:

1998-2010:  Commentator covering various international cricket matches for the BBC Sports Channel.

1977-1994:  Cricketer in the English Test Team as an allrounder, being captain of the team for 12 tests between 1980-81.

1980:  Played football for the Football Club, Scunthorpe United, as a center half, 8 appearances in the Football League.

1974-1977:  Played cricket for Durham, Somerset, and Worcstershire.


Honorary Doctorate in Sports Science by Leeds Metropolitan University in 2007.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003.

One of Wisden’s Five Cricketers of the Year in 1979.

Twenty four centuries and 375 wickets in test cricket.


Available on request.

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