Sports Coaching CV

A sports coach has the responsibility of instructing and training the operations of a sports team or individual sports person.  The CV of a sports coach should highlight his own accomplishments in the game as well as his experience and expertise in coaching and bringing up a team.  These resume can also be used by sports therapists, sports trainers, and coordinators.

Sample Sports Coaching CV

Howard Burton

55 Flowerlaid Porch

Denton, Manchester M34 2IJ

Mobile Number: 44 815 88888

Telephone Number: 267543



Having played cricket for 14 years in the national team and coached our national cricket team for 6 years, I have a passion for cricket as the gentleman’s game.


My dream is to transfer my undying passion for cricket to like-minded cricketers.  Looking forward to bringing up the rising talent of new cricket teams that have just begun their foray into the game with my coaching expertise.  Anticipating great experiences working with young talent.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2004:  Master’s Degree in Sports Coaching from The London School of Sports and Rehabilitation.

1985-1988:  Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Manchester University.

Professional Experience:

2004-2010:  Official coach for the England Cricket Team.

1989-2002:  National player in the England Cricket Team, an all rounder, even have taken up wicket keeping at times.

Member of The European Coaches Association.


Sports Leaders UK Level 2 Award in 2008.

Several Man of the Match Awards during my tenure as a cricketer.

Increase in number of matches won by the English team since I took up coaching.




Available on request.


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