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A sports CV is naturally a document that reveals the sports knowledge and skills of a particular candidate who wants to apply for some job in this field or even learn more sports and sharpen his/ her proficiency. Such a CV does not involve only credits won by a person in sports activities. An efficient sports person or even concerned officials and sports management professionals need to have a detailed idea of the theoretical base of this subject and the CV should necessarily outline these particulars.

A number of CVs fall under the category of Sports CV, such as an athletic, sports practitioner, coach, health and safety professionals, management staff and even news agents and critics who provide sports information and analyze respective details. Whatsoever be the job, related to sports, the CV has to follow a basic format that will need to explore the individual’s compulsory knowledge in this field. Some other issues that need to be considered are:

  • Firstly the candidate should present a proper introduction, following which there should be the details of his/ her education and training.
  • Experience, not necessarily professional, is a must and the sports CV should contain such details, be it of workshops even.
  • Physical fitness documents should be provided along with the CV.

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