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Sports CVs are just as diverse as the sector they represent. Jobs in sports are diverse. They can however be divided into two broad categories. They may either be as athletes or as support for the athletes. Specific jobs in this field include team manager, sports director, and professional athlete in any discipline, team doctor, team physiotherapist, sports manager, grounds men and stadium maintenance.

Sports jobs include a great deal of interaction with other people. Employers and recruiters will be more interested in Sports CVs that reflect developed communication skills, problem solving skills and team work. Other characteristics that are important in this field are perseverance, integrity, loyalty and trust. Character is a big part of working in the sports sector.

If you are a professional athlete you will need a sports CV to secure a position in a club or get sponsorship. Your CV needs to reflect more than just your achievements. The recruiters must be able to ascertain that you reflect similar characteristics or values that the team or organization wants to you to possess.

Sample SPORTS CV Template

Jenny Claude Mark

436 Hamptons Drive

Marshall, Minnesota

Tel: 3947 0404821

Mobile: 949 389859

Email address:

Work experience

Minnesota Cubs (Minnesota) 2008 – to date

Team doctor

Minnesota General Hospital (Minnesota) 2004 – 2007

In house doctor

Scania Medical Clinic (New Jersey) (2000-2004)

Medical Internship position

Career Objective

Ensure that the sports team I work for always has its players in top shape and are ready to play whenever called upon.

Professional Synopsis

Sports doctor for the Minnesota Cubs for two years

  • Member of the Medical Union of Minnesota
  • Licensed medical doctor

Academic Qualification

Kansas University 1999-2000

Specialization: Sports Medicine

Wichita State University 1992 -1998

Bachelor’s degree in medicine

Career Achievements

Mastered the ability to diagnose and handle various sports injuries like:

  • Knee injuries
  • Cuff injuries
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Sprained muscles among others

-Recognized as the best sports doctor by the Minnesota Cubs in January 2009.

Activities and Interests

  • Member of the Rotary Club of Minnesota
  • Organizing and participating in medical camps across the less affluent areas in America.
  • Sports fanatic
  • Active in the quest to create awareness about HIV/AIDS and the best ways to prevent its spreading
  • Reading, traveling and meeting new people.

Personal Details

Age:  32

Gender: Male

Languages: English, German and French

Marital Status: Married with one child

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