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A sports massage professional treats sprains or such injuries incurred during sports, exercise, or recreation with hands-on physical intervention, such as massage, soft tissue mobilization, joint manipulation etc., and optimizes the flexibility of muscles.  The CV of a sports massage professional must be specific about the training and practice he has in this field and related qualifications.  These resume can also be used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and physiatrists.

Sample Sports Massage CV

Allen Williams

102 Elizabeth Lane

Trowbridge WIL BA14 8JG

Mobile Number: 44 822 567890

Telephone Number: 234567



Having been an outstanding sportsman since childhood, I was often bothered about injuries in sports persons which affected the team as a whole.  That is how I decided to take up the career of a chiropractor with specialization in sports massage.


Looking forward to using my skill and expertise to bring about the best in my clients (sports persons) whom I manage, by treating the pains and strains with the appropriate massage and muscle stimulation, reducing muscle tension, and promoting flexibility in their muscles.  Aim is to work with a dynamic team in producing winning sporting teams.

Educational Qualifications:

2003-2005:  Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage from London School of Sports Massage.

1999-2003:  Doctorate in Chiropractics from Trowbridge College for Rehabilitation Medicine.

1996-1999:  Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Trowbridge University.

Professional Experience:

2008-2010:  Official Sports massage therapist for the Red Rogers Basketball Team in Trowbridge.

2005-2008:  Chiropractor in Sports Academy, dealing with athletes, cricketers, basket ball teams, and football teams.

Member of The Sports Massage Association, UK.


The overall sports person rolling trophy at London School of Sports Massage.

Several awards and certificates for sports in school.

Proven ability to bring about instant relief from pain even in cases of complex sprains.


Ice skating, hockey, golf.


Available on request.

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