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A sports scientist has to utilize scientific methods to improve sports performance.  Physiology, psychology, motor control and biomechanics, nutrition and diet, sports technology, and performance analysis are some of the scientific methods incorporated.  Thus the CV of a sports scientist should contain his qualifications and experience in one or more of the above fields.  These resume can be used by physiologists, sports psychologists, sports therapists, sports dieticians, and such others.

Sample Sports Science CV

Edward Hall

92 Treelined Avenue

Wimbourne Dorset DOR BH21 1QX

Mobile Number: 44 823 89898

Telephone Number:  266643



One of my driving passion since youth had been a fascination to explore the human mind and the other passion was sports.  So I have combined the two and chosen a career as a sports scientist dealing mainly with sports psychology, but also have a qualification in exercise physiology.


My dream is bring up the dormant talents of introverted, shy sports persons with my novel methods that I have recently developed.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2004:  Doctoral Degree in Exercise Physiology, The London School of Sports and Rehabilitation.

2000-2002:  Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology, The London School of Sports and Rehabilitation.

1997-2000:  Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Dorset University.

Professional Experience:

2008-2010:  Sports scientist for the Academy of Athletics and Other Sports, Dorset, dealing with psychology and exercise physiology.

2006-2008:  Guest Sports Pscyhologist in various sports organizations and institutions.

2004-2006:  Psychologist in Dorset Medical University Hospital.

Member of The European Coaches Association.


Sports Scientist of the Year Award in 2009.

Several Awards in sports in school level and college level.

Brought forth the inherent qualities of many an introvert player.


Tennis, Nutrition counseling.


Available on request.

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