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After completion of Doctoral course the student gets the degree of Doctor of Philosophy so this course is known as Ph.D. course also. This is a very honorable degree and after that may prefer to do job as a professor in an university or college. There are many job opportunities for doctoral students as they can work with NGO or research organization also.

The given format of Doctoral Student CV will help all the doctoral degree students who want to allpy for the job.

Doctoral Student CV Format

Sarah Parker

5, Heavens Street



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 876 98 35 45 3

Telephone Number: +1 308 398 0083

Career Objective: Want to work as a psychological counselor in an organization where I can learn more from the seniors and can improve my knowledge for to achieve my higher career aim.

Want to work with the organization where I can work in a professional work environment and also learn many new things from the seniors. I want to use my knowledge for the best benefit of the company.

Professional Experience:

2007 – 2009: HJK Research Group, Fremont

Worked as an assistant research scientist in HJK Research Group. My responsibility was to assist the research scientist and to help them in the research work. I also have knowledge of the different atomic research processes and I worked as a part of 5 successful research projects.


2003 – 2005: Bachelor of Science in Physics, Arizona State University, Arisona

2005 – 2007: Master of Science in Physics, University of Huston, Texas

Ph.D. –Pursuing from California University and it is going to complete within 8 months.


I have won gold medal from university in the subject Plasma Physics.


  • Reading
  • Writing


References will be provided on request.

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