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Graduate’s CVs are competitive as the number of graduates is increasing at an alarming rate and out-numbering by far the available vacancies. A graduate CV therefore has to be written with keen interest to win an interview. You should spend a lot of time compiling your CV. Most people just write it once and spend little or no time reading it over once they have finished writing.

Keep in mind that a recruiter will put aside your CV if he notices a simple spelling mistake or even slight grammatical error. Use the standard CV format that includes your profile or a summary of your skills and attributes that the employer might need. Your Education history, achievements, experience if any, your interests in relation to the job you are applying for all should be reflected in the CV resume.

Sample Graduate CV

David Campbell

26 Mansfield Drive, Chedlee

Manchester City, M22 4DJ.

Tel: (0333) 234 1234


Computer graduate who keen to secure a position as a System Analyst and Programmer. Reliable, trustworthy, numerate and meticulous. Able to work as an individual or as part of a team and can deal with administrative duties competently.


2005 – 2008

BSc. Computer Science at the University of Warwick

Subjects studied:

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Assembly Language Programming
  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Programming Principles A and B
  • Object Oriented Programming (C++, Java)
  • Software Engineering
  • 1997 – 2004
  • Sundown High School
  • 3 GCE A Levels: Mathematics [A], Economics [B], Chemistry [B].

6 GCSE: Mathematics [A], English Language [A], Biology [A], Economics [A*], Physics [B], Geography [B].


Summer 2007


  • Was part of the team that designed and implemented a graphical user interface which was used as a front-end onto a number of medical monitoring equipment device drivers
  • Designed and developed the first of the device drivers as part of the above mentioned project. Object Oriented Booch was the design methodology employed via Rational Rose v4.0.  Both the user interface and the device drivers are currently being developed in Microsoft VC++ with MF.

Summer 2006

The SMALL Company

  • Trainee Sales Representative reporting to Senior Sales Person
  • Developed six new accounts per month and double the level of enquiries therefore increased the company’s profile in the public sector market.
  • Assisted the Company in the achievement of quality accreditation to ISO9001 part 3.
  • Completed the development of the company’s client management system which is now the company’s main product and is installed on over 60 sites throughout the UK.


  • Proficient in Ms Office applications (Ms Word, Ms Access, Ms Excel, PowerPoint, Ms Outlook) and good PC skills.
  • Proficient in Programming languages include C, C++, Java and Visual Basic.
  • Database: SQL Server 6.5 (via ODBC), Oracle 7, Ms Access, Superbase, Dbase, Paradox.
  • Technologies: MAPI, DDE, OLE Automation, ODBC.

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