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It is also good to work while you are pursuing your graduate level course or you can add few years of experience after the completion of your graduate level course and after that apply for the master level course. This will help you to study and choose courses with the professional perception.

This Graduate CV format will help all the graduate students to make an effective CV as an effective CV is the first step towards getting a best job.

Graduate Student CV Format

Samantha Smiths

11, New Market Road,



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 835 130 18 08 2

Telephone Number: + 1 243 098 1099

Career Objective: I want to join a company where I can do more research oriented activities and want to use my knowledge for the best benefit of the company. In the future I also want to do higher studies to add more to my knowledge.

Professional Experience:

2009-2010, XYZ Horticulture Company, New York

I worked as an assistant to research scientist in XYZ Company. My job responsibilities were to assist him and to do necessary paper work and also it involves the research work regarding the necessarily of the new products.


2007- 2009: Bachelor of Science in Botany, University of New York, US


I have received the award from the University for the Project Report on best crop production. My efforts of innovative work style are also get noticed in the XYZ company and they have awarded a certificate for best work.


  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Reading


References will be provided on the request.



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