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Many students prefer to continue their Ph.D program with job as Ph.D. more time to complete and it also requires lots of research. Ph.D students can apply for the job of their respective field. They can give more information about their subject of thesis also as it will help an interviewer to understand that your inclination is towards to which particular aspect of your field.

The given Ph.D Student CV will help Ph.D. Students to apply for the job.

Ph.D. Student CV Format

Kelly Brown

56, Old Market Street

Los Angeles,


The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 986 35 53 02 3

Telephone Number: +1 297 200 9864

Career Objective: Want to work as a psychological counselor in an organization where I can learn more from the seniors and can improve my knowledge for to achieve my higher career aim.

Professional Experience:

2007 – 2009: KOM Help Group, Texas

Worked as counselor in MNOP Global Systems, Texas where my main responsibility was to concentrate on how to help the staff to improve their productivity at work place by addressing their personal/professional issues that affected their performance.


2003 – 2005: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of California, California

2005 – 2007: Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, University of Huston, Texas

Ph.D. –Pursuing from Texas University and it is going to complete within 2 months.


I have won gold medal from university in my masters program.


  • Networking
  • Outing


References will be provided on request.

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