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Before sitting down to write your CV do a bit of research on the skill set required for the job you want to apply for. Once you have sufficient information make a list of your skills and activities that match the requirement for the job you are looking for.  Most often students have just one general CV which they use for all types of jobs. Though this is quite normal it does not really become effective until your CV catches the attention of the employer. To write a good CV that can fetch you a job is to market and sell yourself to the employer and trying to convince them that you are the right one for their job.

  1. For student CV the educational credentials should be always on top. These should include in highlighted text of the grades.
  2. List down the projects and other extracurricular activities that you were part of. Mention the roles and responsibilities in these activities.
  3. Mention the part time jobs or voluntary work. Keep the jobs that are nearer to the current job you are trying for on top and highlighted.
  4. You should mention various skills you have like inter personal skills, communication skills and management skills and provide a brief about the events that showcase these skills.
  5. Providing references about groups, people, organization that you have been connected with also adds that extra zing to your CV.

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