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A professional work experience can add a more to ones CV and this is true for the university student also. Few guidelines are given here which can help a university student to prepare an effective CV. It is very necessary to present a effective CV at the time of interviewer as it creates a good impression of you. Always write a short CV with points as it is easy for the interviewer to read and understand.

The given format is useful for the university student to prepare a CV if they want to apply for the job in the various industries.

University Student CV Format

Evan Mathew

11, Queens Street,



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 658 438 87 09 5

Telephone Number: + 1 987 654 0986

Career Objective: I want to join a research institute where I can learn more and can sharpen my knowledge more. I want to learn professional skills from my seniors.

Professional Experience:

2009-2010, XYZ Research Institute, New York

I have worked as an Assistant to Research Scientist in XYZ Research Institute. My Responsibilities were to help my senior in his research work and to make reports under the guidance.


2007- 2009: Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of New York, US


I have received the best student award from the university. I have also learned very good professional skills during my work with XYZ Research Institute.


  • Rock Climbing
  • Dancing
  • Biking


References will be provided on the request.



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