Geography Teacher CV

A geography teacher is a teacher who has specialized knowledge of geography and has pursued teacher training to teach geography in a school. These candidates teach students about physical as well as regional geography and also impart education on other geography related topics.

Any person who is interested in the position of a geography teacher in a school must first prepare a CV which describes his/her qualifications, education, skills, work experience and other details. Given below is a sample of a geography teacher CV which can be used for the purpose of reference by anyone.

Sample Geography Teacher CV


Ms. Jenny Mathews

phone: 47390570955

35, Bicker street, Potter building, Pennsylvania, USA

Resume Objective :

I wish to work as a geography teacher in a school where my experience and skills can be best utilised.

Educational Qualifications:


Completed High School Diploma from James International school, New York, USA with GPA of 80%

2006- 2009

Bachelor in Geography from New York University, New York, USA. Graduated with distinction.


Completed teacher training from New Jersey, USA and obtained teaching certification.

Professional Experience:


Trained as a geography teacher at St. Mary’s high school, New York and also gained experience of teaching classes with 20+ students.

2011- 2013

Worked as a geography teacher at Peters and Adams academy in Pennsylvania, USA. Also worked as a student counsellor in this school during this period.

Skills/ Qualities Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills, verbal as well as written.
  • Exceptional geography knowledge and in-depth conceptual understanding.
  • Excellent teaching skills and abilities.
  • Always ready to help students with doubts and very patient nature.
  • Good observation skills and can prove to be helpful for counselling students.
  • Good computer skills and software knowledge.
  • Good management and organisation skills.


  • Mrs. Vicky Mona


St. Mary’s high school

Contact No.: 4573686573

  • Mr. Vane Carson

Senior teacher

Peters and Adams academy

Contact No.: 432653725

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