How does a teacher CV should look like

Employers looking to hire teachers basically look at the experience of the candidate in handling group of students and how well the candidate can communicate with students of every age group.

This means the candidate who is applying for the job as teacher should highlight acquired class management skills and teaching methods used by him. Interaction with parents is part of a teacher’s job. It would be and added advantage if you can state any specific workshops or seminars that you have either attended or conducted that is related to education system.

Write about your objective and inspiration behind seeking teaching as a career option. Every teacher has a specific method of approaching a lesson or chapter. You should mention any specific method developed or contribution you have made that has affected positively to your class/school.

To showcase your communication skills list any of the activities or work that gives and idea about your ability to communicate an idea. Mention the resources other than text books and reference books that you have used to improve the learning experience of students.

Along with this the rest of the details like self introduction, previous work experience, certifications and graduations are integral part of any CV.

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