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Teachers are always required at the different levels of educational system. They are required from nursery to high school and they have to do various work on the various levels. Teaching is a very reputed professional where one has to take more social responsibilities. There is always good career scope for the teachers.

This sample teacher CV will be helpful for all the people who want to apply for the teaching job at various levels. Good Written CV always enhances the chance of getting good job.

Sample Teaching CV Format

Sara James

15, Rose Garden Road,



Mobile No: +1 098 763 982

Telephone Number: +1 075 384 2097

Career Objective: I want to make myself a part of a teaching institute where it looks after the growth of the students and I want to help students to become a better citizen.

Professional Experience:

2006 – 2009 XYZ High School, Huston, Texas

I joined the school as a biology teacher and I worked in a way that children can understand the subject in depth and also they study the subject with love and not as a burden. All the students improved their grades in the examinations.


  • 2000- 2003: Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of California, California
  • 2003-2005: Master’s of Science in Biology, University of Huston, Texas


I won the best teacher award for my efforts to make biology a loved subject of students and for the students’ higher grades in the examination.


  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Outing


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