Secondary School Teacher CV

A secondary school teacher is a teacher or an educator who is responsible for imparting education to students studying in secondary level schools. These teachers generally teach students from age 11 to 18 and have many other duties besides just teaching. These teachers often specialize in one or more subjects.

To apply for this position, one has to prepare a secondary school teacher CV which consists of the various details about the applicant such as the experience, skill and qualifications etc. Given below is a sample of a secondary school teacher CV that can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Secondary School Teacher CV


Timothy Hatcher

Contact number: 47093595

Contact address: A-89, first floor, Potter building, London,

Email ID:

Languages Known: English, French, German

Educational Qualifications:


Completed High School Diploma Education, Harvey school, London, UK


Bachelor of English, London University, London, UK

2009- 2010

Diploma course in school level teaching from London obtained


Certification of teaching obtained

Skills/ Qualities:

  • Exceptional communication skills and leadership qualities
  • Excellent teaching abilities
  • Great command over the English language and moral education.
  • Good managerial skills and organisational skills.
  • Ability to handle students and teaching discipline and order.
  • Ability to judge and evaluate students and improving their characters and habits.

Professional Experience:


Gained experience by working as an English teacher for classes 9-12 at James High school London. Was also responsible for career counselling of senior students as well.


Gained teaching experience at Fredrick International school, London, UK at the position of English secondary teacher. Was responsible for imparting moral education lessons and counselling senior students as well.


Mr. Hobart Mathews


James High school

Contact No.: 483095809

Mr. James Newton

English Department Head

Fredrick International school

Contact No.: 4309590505

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