Teacher CV Format

Teacher CVsshould reflect character and skills which are not attainable in the classroom. The teachingjobrequires many skills that you an individual is born with or learns outside the classroom environment. Since thejobinvolves the shaping and development of minds, ateaching CVthat reflects characteristics such as integrity, honor, discipline and other virtues will probably land the applicant it represents an interview.

When preparing ateacher CVkeep in mind that theemployerswill be looking for certain keywords and phrases that will show them that the applicant is both focused and well informed. These action words include impart knowledge, training, acquiring, books, reading, studying, acquisition etc. Make sure they are used in the right context.

Sample Teacher CV Format

Personal Information:

Maxine Gray

123 Minor Place, Minor Drive

Washington State

Telephone: 132 3454 645

Mobile Number: 3434 53435

Career Objective:

Fully registered and qualified teacher seeking a position in an institution that will allow the application of gained communication skills, counseling skills and skills in creative arts. Completely committed to the sharing of knowledge amongst colleagues and with students.

Educational Qualification:

2002- 2006 Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Major in Psychology) from Boston University

1998 – 2002  Bachelors degree in Education (Science) from Boston University


2002 – 2006  Science Teacher at Boston Middle School


§Prepared and Taught science lessons

§Prepared various practical science activities

§Assisted in preparing the annual Boston Middle Schools Science Congress which all middles schools in Boston are a part of

§Assisted students in preparing their projects for annual science fairs

2006 – 2008  Science Teacher Washington State Senior High School


§Prepared and taught science lessons

§Part of the School’s guidance and counseling team

§Life coach for students who sought guidance in choosing careers and making other major decisions in their lives

§Assisted in the preparation of State High School Science Congress


Voted Teacher of the year in 2005 and 2007

Established the Life Coaching program in Washington State Senior High School which has managed to draw at least 10 youths from 3 different street gangs and guide them to make the right choices that have seen them join several accredited colleges. The program has also seen 20 other young men and women join and learn how to identify the danger signs in their peers involved in drugs and prostitution and guide them in making choices that will save their lives.

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